Know You. Be You. Drama 🙂

Bespoke workshops and programmes for everyone!

Know You. Be You. Love You. Shine You.

Know You. Be You. Drama is all about learning and self-development through creating a fun and encouraging atmosphere, where children and young people feel free and comfortable to ‘be’ and ‘love’ themselves.

KYBY is an idea birthed from the themes explored in Zara’s book, entitled Ada. Research shows that low self-esteem is a major issue that affects children in schools and the local community. In discovering this, Zara felt it important to raise awareness and address this issue by hosting interactive classes and special public performance evenings to encourage children to step out of their comfort zones to ‘shine’ and express what they have learned.



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The ethos of KYBY is to help build confidence that will filter into all areas of a child’s lives – whether it is achieving excellent grades at school, public speaking, developing their future job prospects or simply socialising with friends. We believe the sky is the limit!


  • To create a friendly, supportive creative and professional atmosphere for children to learn through drama and performance
  • To gain confidence, self-belief, a positive attitude and a desire to achieve their goals through drama and performance
  • To consistently be excellent in everything we do


  • Understanding we are all special and unique individuals
  • Understanding the importance to love ourselves regardless of our faults and mistakes
  • Understanding we are all equal
  • Understanding we all deserve to be treated with respect

Why choose Know You. Be You?

    • Founded on good morals and ethics
    • Based on confidence building
    • Meet new friends
    • Provides fun live showcases for family and friends
    • Work on acting skills and vocals
    • Staff trained and qualified
    • Staff friendly and welcoming
    • Staff DSB checked
    • Zero tolerance – no bullying or discrimination
    • Reliable and timely programmes
    • Testimonials

      What KYBY can Offer

      Bespoke workshops and programmes for everyone created to suit your needs.

      Some of which we offer are:

      * “The Star In You” Confidence building programme
      * “The Bully” Anxiety workshop
      * “Let Me Go” Anger management workshop
      * “Looking Within” Identity programme
      * “Us” Team Building programme
      * “The Rhythm within” Self exploration workshop
      * 1-1 personal sessions (help with monologues)
      * Personal development classes in preparation for professional acting
      * Expressive Workshops