Two generations in one room

Zara Bailey-MaxwellKeep Updated

Saturday 8th February 2014 was a memorable day of ‘laughter, joy and reminisce’. KYBY members met up at @The Dorcas club in Handsworth, Nineveh road, owned by Mr Alvin, a loved and hardworking senior in the local community.


We met up with several elders, who shared past experiences and stories of when they were young and grew up in the sunny island of Jamaica. From the mixed age group of 5-15, we sat and listened to elders reminisce about their past and asked questions about their culture, heritage and family.


“It was great to spend time with the elders, I learn’t a lot”- anonymous child

“We should do it again soon”– anonymous senior

Not enough events like this are happening in our community, but I am pleased to say there is a hand full and I encourage you seek them out, support and attend.

It is important that we take time out to spend with our elders, as they have so much to share and pass on”- Zara.


I challenge you, if you haven’t done so already; spend a day with your grandma/ granddad and ask him questions about their history, family, take a day out a visit someone in a home, or visit a next door neighbor.

I wish I had asked my grandma more questions about my history and heritage when she was alive, sadly she is no longer with us; but always in my heart she will stay- Grandma Bailey I love you and your legacy lives on.

Family Heritage… what has been passed down to you???