Visit to the Birmingham Central Library

Zara Bailey-MaxwellKeep Updated

Saturday 1st February we visited the top floor of the new central Birmingham library.

Sadly, not many know about this floor and all the wealth of knowledge and information that is available, but there are hundreds of books on history, culture, information about Birmingham as a city, family heritage and so much more!!!


We began to use to create our very own family trees. After a lot of playing around with the technology, I ensure you it does get easier to use. Although you may not find what you are looking for straight away, you need to be focused, dedicate enough time and commitment in order to create a useful family tree. I believe this is something everyone should do and I myself am in the early stages of creating one too. Some of the things that you across you may find very interesting and did not know before. It involves spending time with the family, sharing, talking and don’t be to surprised if you come across some long family hidden ‘hushed’ secrets!!!


Would you like to know who your great grand parents where? What they did as jobs, where they lived and what about your great great grand parents? What did they do? Are you interested in how life was like for your family ancestors? If there are any patterns in jobs, talents, looks, that may have been passed on and inherited by you. Ever wondered why your family is so musical.. everyone sings or plays a musical instrument, or why all your family is great at computers? maybe everyone seems to be very athletic and sporty… ‘NEWS FLASH’ this may be down to family heritage.

If you are interested in creating your own family tree, why not get started by visiting your local library now.


CEO/ Founder of KYBY