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Speak Life Therapies
Rooting from Know You Be You Drama and its values of *understanding who you are as special human beings in the world, *focusing on confidence and the ability to ‘be’ and ‘love’ the true ‘you’, in turn learning to accepting self and ‘shine’. Speak Life Therapies stems from this wonderful concept and believes everyone has a voice that should be heard, be valued and inevitably SPEAK LIFE. I believe the world was formed and created by voice; therefore it is the power within us that can change our situations and bring life.


Speak Life Therapies explores ‘this voice‘ in various creative ways allowing permission to make mistakes in a non- judgmental safe environment; to stand up to ‘it’ or make ‘it’ louder. Whatever may have seemed to silence you… whether it be anxiety, depression, stress, bullying, low confidence and/or low self esteem, there ‘is hope’ and it starts ‘in you’.

I congratulate you on making that first important step by reading this, why not make another and contact me for a free 30-minute consultation, no obligation.


  • To create a safe, encouraging, supportive and non-judgemental environment
  • To allow space for expression and creativity
  • To gain confidence and new skills in communication
  • To provide the right tools and skills needed after the sessions to be able to use at any time
  • To listen to your needs and be flexible
  • To provide a timely and effective service


  • Understanding we are all special and unique individuals
  • Understanding the importance to love ourselves regardless of our faults and mistakes
  • Understanding we are all equal
  • Understanding we all deserve to be treated with respect

Speak Life Therapies Offer

  • Dramatherapy
  • Counselling sessions

What is Dramatherapy? Dramatherapy is a psychological therapy that uses creative methods to explore and enlighten insight and growth, you do not need to have experience or skills in acting and theatre, everyone is welcome.

What is Counselling? Counselling is a talking therapy that allows space for the individual to work through pressing issues and emotions. The counsellor will talk with you about these pressing issues to discover any root causes and identify your specific ways of thinking.

Dramatherapy/ counselling sessions:

Individual: £50
Group (per person): £45

How it Works

Step 1

Contact me for a free half an hour consultation

Step 2

Decide what works best for you

Step 3

Choose the best way to pay

Step 4

Let your journey Begin

Let your voice be heard…

Know You Be You & Speak Life Therapies